Remy the Chihuahua

“Remy went to stay with Vicky for 3 weeks while we went to meet Daddy’s family in India for the first time. To add to the stress of visas, a new country and crazy family, Mummy was also worried about leaving her very spoilt fur baby with a stranger for 3 weeks. 

Within 5 minutes of meeting Vicky, one massive weight was lifted with promises of love, care and lots of treats. In the first meeting, Remy decided he liked Vicky’s so much, he would mark it as his own. But ever the professional, Vicky took it in her stride with her handy kitchen roll and carpet spray! Much to mummy’s relief, even this performance didn’t cancel the booking. 

On drop off day, Remy was greeted with so much love, hugs and treats that when it came to saying goodbye, he gave one look over his shoulder and strutted off to explore the living room. Daddy was very hurt. Mummy was just relieved Daddy was the one crying not Remy. 

Throughout the 3 weeks, we had multiple daily updates with lots of pictures and videos (even when Vicky’s phone was destroyed) and could see how much fun Remy was having. Vicky even spent the whole 3 weeks sleeping downstairs on the sofa with Remy to keep up his usual routine of sleeping with his pack. 

Needless to say when we returned, after the initial excitement, Remy did not want to leave. It turns out he had an even better holiday than Mummy and Daddy, had made new friends, learnt some new tricks and definitely gained some holiday “pounds”. 

We would not hesitate to send Remy on another Vicky-holiday. The service she offered was beyond anything I could have imagined. She looked after and spoilt Remy as if he was her own, reassured us, and even helped us out with some doggy day care on our return. Vicky will forever remain on our speed dial and I know Remy can’t wait for the next time Mummy and Daddy go away.”

Katrina & Krish owners of Remy the Chihuahua

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